All planning has been completed and the site is ready to be launched. But what factors should businesses looking for before making their website live? The aura of professionalism is imperative for any new or growing company. And so when the website is live, all elements must be optimized to achieve that professional look that will engage site viewers and advance the company brand. Within this blog, we’ll focus on the key site areas to review and test before opening it to the public.

1) Content

The content of a website is one of the most crucial elements. It’s how businesses communicate with their audience. And it provides a voice for their brand. This means that all content should be reviewed closely before the site is launched. Using proper spelling, punctuation and grammar is exceptionally important in effectively communicating to a site audience.

Content writers should also review the copy on the site for context. Is this content valuable for the visitor? Why would the visitor continually visit the website? These are key questions to ask and answer in achieving final approval of all site copy.

2) Design

The increasing ubiquity of mobile technology means high performance design is an essential ingredient for a professional website. In addition, designers must check that their site functions seamlessly across all browsers.

Designers can use testing tools to see how their site renders within the more common browsers such as Chrome and Internet Explorer. Designers should also review font formatting. Sometimes errant code is placed on a page inadvertently, leading to readability issues.

3) SEO

There’s little point having a great looking site with strong content without an audience. Before launching the website, businesses must take a best-practice approach to their site’s search engine optimization. Consider factors such as title tags and Meta tags within each page. SEO teams should also ensure that their site’s XML and HTML sitemaps are accurate.

Another key element within the SEO process for a new site is aligning PPC campaigns with the launch date for the site. This will give companies a great return for their marketing spend and ensure that search engine users are immediately being given direct access to the new site.

A Strong Site Launch Provides the Ideal Foundation for Future Success

By considering all important elements as part of a seamless site launch, businesses can give their site the best chances of succeeding in an increasingly competitive marketplace. The rewards for retaining a close eye on all key elements of the site pre-launch will be seen for many years to come.