Many companies are finding that, increasingly, one of the most effective means of achieving long-term SEO success is to combine traditional public relations strategies with innovative online marketing techniques. While this strategy might not bring immediate campaign success, it’s widely considered to be the ideal approach for the organization looking to solidify its brand reputation while improving its search rankings. With this post, we’ll focus on some of the most successful branding methods companies are now using to drive growth within the evolving online marketing industry.

1) Capitalize on In-House Talent for Content Creation

Firms across various industries are now seeking out talented writers within their organization. Talented writers are a key resource to harness within a branding strategy because they provide the company with an intelligent “voice” online. One method of capitalizing on such in-house resources would be to apply to have the employee write a column for an online publication. Once a series of posts have been created and approved by quality online publications, companies should then take story ideas to large online media companies such as Forbes in the US or the Guardian in the UK. These types of companies have an exceptional global reach and are often very receptive to unique content ideas that will drive visitors to their sites.

One key point to remember is that any content created should not be overly promotional in nature. Firms that create promotional content often find that they quickly lose respect within their field, creating a negative effect on their branding efforts.

2) Apply for Guest Speaking Spots at Corporate Events

Individuals with in-depth knowledge on a complex topic within a growing industry are always sought-after to speak at industry events. Having an authority figure speak at a key business event is a great way to build a strong impression of the organization. Companies may also consider sponsoring such events in order to not only show the organization as an industry leader but also to make potential connections within their field.

One of the knock-on effects of being connected with a key business event is that the organization will receive publicity online and in industry-related media. This will drive higher rankings and enable the company to achieve additional online marketing campaign momentum.

Apply a Long-Term Strategy Based on Traditional Marketing Techniques

Understanding the traditional techniques for public relations can be a tremendous advantage in the highly competitive arena of online marketing. And companies that harness these traditional techniques within their online marketing campaigns will become the brand leaders of their industry in future years.