The latest data is now showing that search users are increasingly using longer search queries when trying to find information online. As with any data trend from the search marketplace, this information should be closely reviewed and analyzed to determine the impact the changing user behaviour could have on search campaigns. And so within this post, our experts examine what longer search queries could mean for SEO and what the future holds for the marketplace.

Longer Search Queries Represent Switch to Intent-based Search

The data taken from search engines in the past several months shows that users are responding to a change in the way Google interprets queries. Google is now utilizing semantic search as a way to determine the precise information the user is searching for online. This means searching for one topic and using one search term is no longer the best means of retrieving the requisite information. A larger percentage of users are now asking full questions rather than simply searching for a topic. Search is now the beginning of a conversation rather than a simple question and answer.

Availability of Information Also a Critical Factor

Another important factor in the evolving search trends is the amount of information available. The amount of information available for users to find online increases every day.  So, simple search terms will now only link to basic articles on the subject of the query. And users must now use longer search terms to find the exact data they require within the growing online database.

Companies Must React Within their SEO Strategy.

Instead of simply focusing on one subject and keyword within their SEO campaigns, brands must now synchronize their campaigns with the evolving user behaviour. The goal for growing companies should be to create engaging content that answers a user’s question. Rather than optimizing their site for key phrases and keywords, they should be creating content that addresses these phrases and keywords while ensuring that Google and the user understands the intent of the content.

The Value of Carving out a Niche is Growing

With the increasing availability of information online, growing brands can enhance their SEO campaigns by building within their own niche. Instead of generic content that only touches briefly on their business’s specific services, companies should be creating content around their expertise and highlighting their brand as a leader within their area of the marketplace. This narrow focus can give campaigns an extra edge in a field where so many are grasping for top rankings.

By aligning their campaigns with user intent, and working with long-tail keywords as part of their strategies, brands can succeed in the evolving SEO marketplace. To learn more on the latest changes in SEO, speak with our trusted team of proven market specialists directly!