When creating and managing online marketing campaigns, it can be easy to overlook simple elements that could limit campaign performance. Online marketing is becoming increasingly complex and a focus on tackling these complex areas could be taking resources away from critical SEO elements. Within this post, our team examines three silly SEO mistakes that could be damaging your online marketing campaigns.

1. Ineffective Search Engine Communication

Google and other search engines can’t rank content that they cannot see and so webmasters must ensure they’re communicating effectively with search engines. It’s important to provide expertly designed sitemaps and elements such as Data Highlighter to ensure Google knows the company’s content and can rank the content accordingly. Google can then begin indexing company content correctly, thereby ensuring the SEO campaign is moving forward effectively

2. Un-optimized Title Pages

The title element of a page should tell the reader precisely what they’re going to be learning if they continue reviewing that page’s content. Many SEO campaign managers make the mistake of trying to add too many of their campaign keywords within the title pages, thereby not directly telling the audience what information will be on that page. This can cause visitors to the site to be confused about the content’s intent and may limit the page’s performance in search rankings. To create the optimal title pages, content creators must try to balance content information and keywords.

3. Improper Linking

Improper linking is a problem found across the online marketplace, and thousands of website owners are now finding their rankings dropping as a result. For example, some website owners might have placed non-important links in the footer of the page and the main navigation pages. This can cause irrelevant content to become more widely visited and can push important content further back in the rankings. It’s important for site owners to use the Internal Links section within Google Webmaster Tools to gauge which content is achieving the most links across the site.

Through a careful approach and close analysis within their SEO campaigns, campaign managers can reduce the number of small, costly mistakes they make. To learn more on SEO campaign management, speak with our expert team directly!