Content creators often struggle in crafting and optimizing that ideal piece of content for their SEO campaigns. To ensure the content performs well across the search marketplace, bringing in qualified traffic to the website and achieving a high position in the rankings, creators must create a comprehensive optimization strategy. Within this latest article, we’ll take a look at several tools that can simplify the creation of high-performance SEO campaigns.

Buzz Sumo

Buzz Sumo has become one of the leading tools for analyzing a piece of content’s social sharing levels. Users can utilize the tool to search for their topic and determine the most shared piece of content on that topic within the current online marketplace. The tool highlights shares by Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google Plus. This allows companies to analyze which types of content offer the best sharing volume within their industry.


Once the content marketplace has been researched and the optimal topic has been selected based on the requisite number of shares online, it’s time to create the content. Grammarly is a content editing tool that offers features and analysis beyond those provided by programs such as Microsoft Word and Google Documents. In addition, users can configure Grammarly to search for issues based on the specific type of content and the industry for which they are writing. The tool has been designed so that users can mitigate the damage caused to their SEO campaigns by poor grammar.


It now comes time to promote the content across the company’s user networks. And BuzzBundle is the ideal tool for the job. BuzzBundle allows users to find similar pieces of content online and to search for related questions to the content’s topic on forums and Q&A sites. By simply entering their keyword phrase into the query box, users will be taken to sites that offer them an opportunity to link to their piece within relevant and popular sites that will drive links back to their content.

Through effective use of the tools highlighted in this post, companies can expand their SEO campaigns and gain greater interest within their content pieces. To learn more, contact our online marketing specialists today!