Paid search campaigns can often lead to quick success in terms of improving lead generation and visitor conversion numbers online. But the mistakes companies make within these campaigns are costing them both lost time and lost investment dollars. Campaign managers must learn the mistakes of others to ensure their marketing processes remain on track. Within this post, we’ll examine three of the biggest mistakes campaign managers continue to make in their paid search campaigns.

1. Assuming All Campaigns are the Same

Because all paid campaigns are unique to the company and their current marketing environment, campaign managers cannot move forward in thinking their paid search campaigns are replicas of one another. Taking one action in one campaign won’t always yield the same result in the next. It’s important to study the history of the company’s previous campaigns. Analyze what mistakes the firm made in previous campaigns and remember to pay close attention to the day-to-day changes taking place within a paid search campaign. The environment can fluctuate quickly and managers must be able to make effective changes based on actionable data.

2. Focusing on the Long-Term Only

As mentioned previously, paid search management is a day-by-day process that requires complete concentration from campaign managers. Many have failed by taking a long-term view of their campaigns and not considering the risks prevalent within the short-term. It’s important to check all accounts first thing in the morning and then check periodically throughout the day to ensure that daily ad spends are on-target and optimally placed.

3. Not Measuring Against Competitors

A company’s competition within the paid search marketplace can help to define that company’s future campaigns success. It’s important for managers to understand what changes and additions competitors are making to their campaigns in order to determine how best to move forward in their own. By analyzing the competition’s ads, keyword choices and potential performance levels, managers can ensure their companies remain at the head of the marketplace.

Paid search continues to evolve in response to new market challenges. Make sure to avoid the mistakes others are now making within the campaigns and try to focus on the actions that will keep your campaigns moving toward their objectives both in the short and long-term. To learn more, speak with our trusted team directly!