We know that link-building continues to be one of the most consistently effective strategies for improving search ranking results. But, because of the way in which the search engine optimization marketplace is evolving, few brands retain a comprehensive understanding on the best ways to achieve success with link-building processes in the current marketplace. To help respond to some of the errors we’re seeing in current campaigns, this post will provide a guide on three common misconceptions on link-building.

1. Quantity Matters More than Quality

The gap between the importance of quantity of links and quality of links is growing all the time. Google is continually emphasizing the important of high quality links with the way it measures link values. And companies that remain focused on the quantity of links they have within their campaigns will likely fall short on campaign targets. The relevancy of the linked sites and the authority the linked sites have within the marketplace are the most important factors to consider.

2. Link Building is an Independent Concept

Link-building should be considered a connecting process. It should be directly connected to content marketing as part of a process that ensures links are coming to the company from a number of reputable sources. The most effective link-building campaigns are now inextricably linked content marketing strategies. By focusing on publishing quality content and targeting that content to market influencers, companies are more likely to succeed within their overall link-building campaigns than if they focus simply on the link-building process.

3. All Link Building Will be Penalized

While Google has now developed numerous sophisticated mechanisms for catching spam links within content and on connected websites, companies can still succeed in using link-building to achieve high rankings. When completed correctly by attracting quality links from proven sources within their industry, companies can achieve their SEO goals within the link-building process. There might be fewer ways to “trick” Google into ranking a website through link-building, but honest link-building work alongside strong content remains a valuable and effective long-term strategy.

Link-building processes must be honed to ensure content and overall process objectives are linked. By moving forward with the latest information at their disposal, companies can avoid the mistakes others make when forming a link-building campaign. To learn more, contact our trusted SEO experts directly.