The majority of companies now disseminate their blog content across their social networks. Facebook and Twitter are constantly updated with new blog posts from growing organizations, hoping to capture interest from across their marketplace. But the percentage of shares to content is exceptionally small. It’s important that business leaders understand the techniques to improve the number of times their content is shared across the marketplace. And so within this post, we’ll examine five techniques for increasing social shares.

1. Focus on Surprising Content

Emotion is one of the most important elements in garnering interest from social media followers. Companies can increase the number of shares they achieve by surprising their followers with content that boosts their understanding on a subject.

2. Use Positive Content

While the vast majority of news stories tend to focus on a negative aspect of the subject, the latest data shows social media followers are more likely to share positive stories and content rather than content that has a negative tone. This means brands can boost their shares by highlighting the upside of an industry trend.

3. Remove the Friction

Friction within the online industry is defined as any process that takes that audience several steps to complete. If social media followers have to go through several pages to Tweet a company’s content, they are unlikely to do so. Companies can remove the friction from the sharing process by integrating social media links at the bottom of their content. A simple “share now” call to action with a Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn link can significantly increase shares.

4. Just Ask

The data shows that when companies ask for retweets of their content, their followers will oblige. But it’s important to strike the balance between asking for shares and continually begging followers to share content. Simply following a social media post with “please retweet” can lead to four times as many shares.

5.  Creating Interesting Headlines

The headline to blog content is often the decisive factor in getting interest from across the online marketplace. Content creators must be able to create headlines that articulate the subject of the piece, create intrigue and garner interest from a broad audience. Words such as “unexpected”, “surprising”, secret and “impossible” often make the best headlines to ensure content is widely-shared.

By understanding the reasons users share content across their social media, companies can become more adept at creating share-worthy content. To learn more on this process, speak with our online marketing team directly!