The mobile marketplace continues to grow exponentially as more and more people are using their smart phones to purchase products and view content online. This is a critical concept for companies to understand and integrate when implementing landing pages for their PPC campaigns. The mobile site visitor is searching for unique elements compared with the desktop visitor and using these elements effectively can significantly improve return on investment in pay-per click. Here are three secrets to high performance mobile landing pages.

1. Use Condensed Wording

The mobile landing page viewer has a limited timeframe for reading content. They also have limited screen space and the last thing they want to do is have to scroll down to read more promotional material. It’s important to condense the wording on landing pages. What’s the benefit to the reader? What actions should they take as part of the promotion? Answer these questions in as little words as possible within the landing page.

2. Use Bullet Points Effectively

Bullet points are a great way to break up long paragraphs for mobile landing pages. Companies can harness bullet points to spell out product benefits and bring the user’s attention immediately to a relevant point. They also create more white space, which is a critical concept within mobile landing page design.

3. Make the Form Simple to Complete

For those integrating forms with the landing pages, it’s important the form is easy to understand and simple to complete. There shouldn’t be 10 areas for the mobile user to fill in order to communicate with the company. There should be no more than three of four fields and there should be a clear call to action which tells the user the benefit of filling these fields. More than on desktop, the mobile user requires an incentive to complete forms. What is the company offering them as a reward?  If this is easily understood, the mobile user can then spend the short amount of time to fill out the form.

By making their mobile landing pages concise, easy-to-understand and simple to use, brands can tap the unlimited potential of the mobile marketplace. To learn more, speak with our mobile marketing experts directly!