SEO campaign managers around the globe are watching closely as their campaign results begin to change in the coming weeks and months. Google has just announced an update to its Panda algorithm, which is expected to see an increased focus on content relevancy to improve search query results. The release will take place slowly, so as to allow site owners and campaign managers to adjust their optimization work in-line with Google’s updated criteria for search ranking success. In this article, we’ll highlight what site managers need to know about this latest update to the Panda algorithm.

Panda 4.2 Slowly Released

The latest update to the Google search algorithm has been taking place slowly over several months, and will continue in future months. While most website owners prefer updates to be completed quickly, the slower roll-out process means that Google can take a more technical approach. It may also mean that Google is analyzing the impact of the algorithm as they complete the roll-out process, and adjusting it based on the results. It’s a process that will take time, and means that companies must maintain a close eye on their search rankings and their search campaign performance throughout the coming months.

Importance of Content Quality Highlighted

While the results of the Panda 4.2 release will not be known for several months, it’s important that webmasters recognize the importance of quality content. Google has continually highlighted the value that content quality, as well as mobile optimization, can have on a brand’s search rankings, and this latest release is set to further increase the significance of these elements. Companies that are still lacking in mobile-compatible web content, and in terms of relevant, high quality content on their sites will only fall further down the rankings as the latest algorithm is implemented.

Through close analysis of their search campaign performance and a commitment to quality site content, webmasters can succeed in the optimization work as Google improves the performance of its Panda algorithm. To learn more on the optimization process, speak with a member of our trusted online marketing team today!