With the overload of content filling the online world, it can be difficult to know when, and what sort of content is best. The most important thing to remember is why are you creating content? All content needs to have a purpose, unless it will be wasted.

The following list offers some points to contemplate when you are creating your next piece of content, and how to do a better job of getting your current and future audience listening.

1. Encourage Comments

Always encourage user comments. Whether you’re running a blog, store, or anything else online, asking for feedback is not only a great for engagement, but it can also lead to sharing of your content and loyal followers.

2. Controlling Comments

Make sure to always reply, moderate and engage with anyone who leaves feedback. This ensures engagement, and will inevitably get more people commenting. As a note, be sure to erase any spam from the comment section.

3. Social Media Questions

Asking a question on Facebook or Twitter might sound basic, but this can really get people engaged. People love to share their knowledge and opinions on social media, and by asking them what they think, you will get a flood of responses and further opportunity for discussion.

4. Visuals

Nowadays social media is more visually driven than ever before; you will be hard pressed to find a platform that doesn’t have the majority of imaged based posts. Such things as micro visuals are growing in popularity. If you want to fragment large content into smaller pieces, you could try using micro visuals.

5. Share Buttons

Ensuring that there is a social media share button on your content immediately makes sharing of your content easier.

6. Build Your Audience

If you already have a large following you are ahead of the game. If you don’t have a lot of followers, study which social platforms you think would work best for you, and then begin curating your content.

Not all your content needs to be yours, sharing industry blogs or popular topics that tie into your brand can be a great way to make people aware of your brand.

7. Utilizing E-mail

E-mail can be a very useful regarding content when it is used properly. Introducing weekly newsletters, events and promotions/competitions can be a great way to get people to support your content. Be sure not to overload e-mails. No one likes junk mail, and over indulging in e-mails can quickly turn your e-mails to junk mail.