When creating a proper PPC strategy, it is important to remember that your strategy is plan of action, which purpose is to complete a certain goal.

The three most important steps to remember when creating useful PPC strategy is:

- Assessment – See the big picture, understand your most important challenges, understand your competition, and define your goals. It is very important to be extremely objective during this process, not doing so could result in failure to maximize your brand’s potential and PPC strategy.

- Procedures -  After objectively assessing your state of affairs, it is now time create procedures that will help guide you in assessing exactly how your PPC advertising will be utilized to conquer your goals and challenges.

- Plan of Action – Instill initiatives that will backup the procedures you have just created.

We will now delve into these 3 steps further, so you can utilize them properly for your PPC strategy and campaigns.


Competition – Identify who your competition is, and how they are successful at bidding, messaging and keyword targeting. Doing this will assist you in realizing how aggressive you will need to be regarding your management procedures to gain success.

Report Meeting – Try to acquire and learn everything you need to know regarding the business, industry, and outside forces. Is the brand new on the scene, or does it have a long history of success? How about the industry, is it on the rise/decline? This can help you gain knowledge of what has worked or not worked in reference to PPC – it can also help to know if your goals are reachable and realistic.

Account Review – Understanding performance drivers, and seeing what is being used to drive goals is important. While annoying, audits/reviews can highlight weaknesses, strength and possible future opportunities.

Management Procedures

If you have no procedures to govern such things as keyword expansion and negative matching, you can get lost in work being done and waste time without improving results.

Here is an example of some procedures:

- We will manage the account with paid search being the profit driver.

- PPC will be the growing force, and we will manage our account with that in mind.

- Paid search will be a fixture that will lead to possible conversions in other channels, and we will manage the account as such.

Everyone should be aware of your procedures, and they should be written down to remind everyone to always follow them.

Plan of Action

When developing your action plan, always remember it is intended to overcome you biggest challenges and obstacles you face as a business. For many businesses this would be to find more customers, business. The plan of action is designed to be you guide, and should keep focused on items that solely affect your business positively and help it grow to succeed against you biggest challenges.