Google’s search quality rating guidelines have been recently reduced from 160 to 146 pages in their newest update.

In November of 2015 Google released a full version of their quality raters document, and since then, there had been no updates to the public version. On Marc 28th of this year (2016) Google updated these guidelines.

Google’s original document released in November was 160 pages. With this update, that length was dropped from 160 pages to 140 pages – you can view the full version PDF here.

Here is a summary of some of the changes:

  • Local: With the increased popularity and need for local, there is a big emphasis on local. With the new update, Google has now renamed local to “Visit-in-Person”.
  • Less focus on supplementary content: The previous version put an extra emphasis on the importance of extra supplementary content that appears on the page – or how this content could impact it negatively.
  • Mobile: As expected, since more searches now actually come from mobile devices compared to desktop, mobile is still a very important factor. Google outlines the importance of mobile though their guidelines and examples.
  • Importance of Your Money Your (YMYL) Life & E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness): More than ever, quality is a very important factor to how webpages are rated – especially when dealing with expertise pages and information people trust. With this new update, even more focus will be placed on these quality factors by Google.

While this highlights the main changes that will be occurring, if you want to go even deeper into the complete update, it is recommended that you click on our link provided above to see the official PDF file. For more information about online marketing news, updates and services, please visit SEO 5 Consulting.