These days, good content is crucial for online businesses and their SEO. Content marketing, the process of content curation and the sharing of that content to capture users, has become a focal point for many SEOs.

Understanding how to prioritize and strengthen your content is critical. Here are some steps to help:

Creating & Prioritization of Content

For modern-day SEO, it is important to produce useful and relevant content. Google will rank content according to these standards.

Ensure prioritizing is focused on search volume, conversions, intent and striking distance. To receive a more accurate representation, try removing low search volume keywords, and branded keywords as well.

Set Goals

In the event your goal is to increase traffic by 10 percent – a common goal – you will definitely want to formulate a plan that will drive traffic. Some ideas could be optimizing landing pages and videos, local, creating great new content, etc.

A great place to start is by reviewing your sites analytics and ranking tools. There, you will be able to spot any opportunities you might have in increasing traffic.

As a tip, when focusing on keywords, try to choose ones that have high conversion from paid search, and would increase volume based on intent. It is important to focus on these keywords for SEO, especially with Google placing organic search lower down the page.


Analyze where you need to curate more quality content – commonly referred to as a gap analysis. Always remember to have content that focuses on every step of the buyer’s journey/sales funnel. This will let you capture search queries.

Using a tool like SEMrush, check to see what the competition is using for keywords, and more importantly, how they’re ranking. By seeing gaps in their funnel and content process, you can create content to fill this need.

Never underestimate customer feedback. Listen to your customers to improve possible visits and engagement on your website.


Great content is important, but promoting that content is just as crucial. You may have great content, but if no one knows it’s there, it won’t be much use.

Be sure to share and create great content throughout your social media profiles. Useful and rich content will be shared by users, get you links, and most importantly, it will bring you business. All of this will improve your search engine rakings.

Paid social is a great way to promote important content that can drive sales and traffic. Paid social is also a cost-effective solution to improve your rankings. Ensure your paid content is useful, and will help customers.