When dealing with local content marketing, many businesses often fail to update their blogs on a regular basis, or only focus on their products and services. While it is important to highlight your business and its products, it can often lead to poor user engagement and low social media interactions.

If you are a local business, a great place to start is writing about your community! Think about who you are selling to, and go from there.

The Long-Tail Local Approach

As mentioned, promoting your business is important, but connecting to your local community can be the key to your local business success. Long-tail content simply means creating content that will always have a niche market or interest. These may not be the number one issue/topic of the week, but long-tail content will always have a steady audience, as opposed to a quick fad.

Write About Your Community

If you happen to live in city, write about it! You might be surprised how it can get people engaged within you site and business. Solid content that captures your audience will translate into social media shares, user engagement, and return visitors/client.

Don’t forget, content doesn’t always have to be directly related to your business. The local/community connection is all that matters. You could write about challenges that face business in your area, new areas, etc.

Promoting & Measuring

Content that mirrors this type of formula and is ‘long-tail’ friendly can increase visitors and their average time on site. Often, these pages become landing pages and are the first step in the buying funnel/cycle.

At this first stage of your funnel, you may see higher bounce rates. Try improving your conversion and bounce rates by installing a pop-up lead form. Also, feature similar blogs and content within your sidebar – again, this should bring people deeper into your funnel.

For promoting, utilize Facebook and other social media posts. Once you have an established and engaged following, your content can go viral and you will get great links back toward your site/content. If you can manage to create engaging material on a weekly basis, your social media pages can be a great source to attract new customers to your site.