1. Spot Prospective Current Pages

One great way to uncover potential great content pages, is to enter a domain into Ahrefs.com Site Explorer, go to the “Top Pages” – which is now called “Best By Links”-and go through all the URLs you encounter.

The “Best By Shares” will also show pages in their social share account order. This can be beneficial for directing you to content that could benefit with some extra promotion.

Try to gather all your URLS and review in combination with Google Analytics to identify pages that receive decent traffic, but have no social shares or links.

Now that you have a file with all your content assets, you can match them with previous content opportunities you might have identified, such as:

-          Broken Links – Maybe you have seen broken resources you are potential targeting.

-          Keywords –   Identifying keywords around specific topics that could be worth targeting.

-          Link Prospects – Niche markets that you could potential take advantage of.

Hopefully your content will fit an opportunity, so you wont have to start from scratch. Hold off on creating new content, as were just trying to optimize/promote your existing stuff.

2. Revise Your Content

There could be some great ideas in some content you have. You can try extracting certain ideas from a video or webinar, and create a whitepaper or instruction article – this can be far easier to promote.

You can also try combining a handful of posts into one great piece. Maybe this content on its own is not important/relevant, but combined together they can be more significant.

Always be sure to optimize all of your content and adjust to specific keywords that will attract a high volume of searches. These keywords don’t have to be commercial selections, rather aim for informational queries that can lead users to your landing pages.

3. Paid Promotion Options

Facebook is a great way to isolate and target a specific audience. As a rule, try to only use this and similar paid media options when your campaign goal is more than just link building.

4. Connecting Your Content

Press releases are a great way to promote your content. In the event you have an announcement or story, try to produce coverage of that content. A catchy title or an interview with the CEO, anything that can produce coverage for your content. As long as it is a properly written and formatted press release, it can be useful.