With the new Penguin 4.0 algorithm from Google, it’s pretty obvious that Google is looking to punish spam by devaluating links – as opposed to demoting them- as they did before. This new and much welcomed addition to Penguin put past fears of link demotion and anxiety to rest for many site owners, SEOs and other industry people.

Links have always been an essential part of the web, and Google simply can’t take a zero policy when dealing with them. With Penguin 4.0 being integrated into Google’s core algorithm, they are trying to match their algorithm to the web, not vice versa, and this will hopefully ease tensions with SEOs and the previously mentioned crowd.

Devaluating Links

Since Google is now only devaluating spammy links, there technically less risk in creating those spammy links since they are essentially going to be ignored by Google. Since Penguin is live or “real time,” seeing which links add value to a page will be fairly easy to test. In theory, then all you would have to do is create those links, build them up and manipulate the algorithm…. well that won’t be the realty of the situation.

You can be certain the webspam team and ranking engineers at Google have already prepared, and ensured that manipulation will not be a possibility. Also, don’t forget that manual penalties could be handed out if you were to try such manipulation methods.

It’s better to invest time and effort in your site, and promote it the proper way.

Forget Negative SEO

Negative SEO was based on spammy links that triggered a manual penalty or demotion. Since the new Penguin will only devaluate these spammy links, directing them towards you competitors will do nothing.

Penguin is hoping to put an end to Negative SEO, which is a welcome to everyone looking to generate and produce great things.

No More Penguin Updates

With manual updates, Google constantly saw scrutiny of their algorithms, bad press and unhappy site owners. Not to mention manual updates are hard to do.

With Penguin now part of Google’s core algorithm, we wont’ be getting anymore future Penguin announcements. This will most likely result in less communication from Google, since there will no longer be any big updates.

Links Are Still Important

Despite some opinions, links are alive and well. A Search Quality Senior Strategist from Google commented recently that links and content are still the two top ranking factors. Focus on getting real links that will improve you site, that’s the important takeaway in all of this.