With 2017 here, find out some important advertising updates and facts regarding Facebook.

Facebook Ads Now Reach Over a Billion People

The Facebook Audience Network has been an extremely useful advertising tool that has assisted marketers in reaching an audience outside of just the social media network. Facebook now has over 1 billion people viewing their advertising network.

Advertisers who utilize the Audience Network have the potential to reach 16% more customs than they would using Facebook or even Instagram, and have seen an increase in conversion rates by up to 12% and an increase of 17% in mobile app installs.

New Dynamic Ads Feature

A great method to reaching potential/interested buyers is through your campaigns on Facebook. Reminding certain clients regarding certain products, and when to buy them, is something that should be utilized.

Take advantage of Facebook’s many updated advertising options – they are adding more and more – making it easier that much easier for advertisers to reach people who are interested in a specific products/offer.

Facebook commented on the new dynamic ads features:

“Now, if someone has been browsing for furniture across multiple websites, Facebook may infer that this person is interested in buying a couch, and they may be a good candidate to serve a dynamic ad for furniture.”

It is important to note that as of this writing, dynamic ads are not available anywhere outside of the United States.

Advertise in Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories, which Facebook has recently launched, has been extremely successful and popular with users.

January 11th saw Facebook announce that brands will be able to advertise within the Instagram Stories section. Some companies that are already taking advantage of this news include Nike, Airbnb, Capital One, Nike and many more.

While marketers can advertise similarly on Snapchat, the potential for audience reach and a technology sets Instagram Stories apart. Instagram Stories, since it’s built on top of Facebook, has a huge reach and following. Snapchat while great, does not offer the same marketing and user engagement potential.