Local SEO continues to offer significant benefits to growing companies across the marketplace. It enables businesses to connect with qualified leads in their region and keeps local firms in the focus of buyers searching for immediate answers to their search queries. However, there are several industries in which local SEO strategies have not been utilized to their full potential, and within this latest post our online marketing experts highlight four types of business that can reap long-term benefits from local SEO.

  1. Law Firms

    Firms within the legal industry must have a significant local SEO presence. Their target clients are usually seeking out immediate answers to their legal questions and require fast responses to their enquiries. By building content focused on local audiences and optimizing their site for relevant local keywords, law firms can maximize their return on investment in local marketing.

  2. Restaurants

    While some larger restaurant chains are now implementing local SEO effectively, smaller, newly opened restaurants can benefit significantly from this process. Restaurant owners must ensure their company’s sites are optimized for all local audiences. It’s also critical to optimize the brand’s presence on review sites, as the vast majority of local audiences will make their dining choices based on reviews. Ensure the company’s TripAdvisor and Yelp pages are optimized effectively with accurate contact and location information.

  3. Plumbers

    They’re the experts we come to when a water emergency occurs in the home. Plumbers should build a refined local SEO presence to maximize their local audiences and ensure a steady stream of visitors to their contact pages. Building a blog with educational content on plumbing services and solutions can be a great way to stay foremost in the minds of local visitors. Again, reviews do have a significant impact within the plumbing industry, but plumbers may have to incentivize the review process to encourage clients to leave feedback.

  4. Pet Services

    Pet services are among the most popular local searches for people of all ages. We all want to know answers to questions about our pets’ behaviors and how to make sure they’re healthy and happy. Pet services companies, such as veterinarians, pet groomers, and dog walkers have a significant opportunity to build an online presence locally. By encouraging online reviews and optimizing their contact pages, pet services firms can quickly expand their audience and drive lasting returns on their investment in online marketing.

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