In recent years, Google has experienced a significant increase in “near me” searches. Their nearby search numbers almost doubled between 2014 and 2015 and 80% of those searches came from mobile devices. The use of hyperlocal search terms has grown significantly in the intervening years, and now it’s essential that companies adapt their SEO strategies in response to the latest trends. In this post, we’ll highlight three tips for enacting effective local SEO campaigns.

  1. Develop Localized Web Content

    To attract “near me “searches, companies must develop high quality content targeted to local audiences. By relating their content to local audiences, companies can highlight their regional presence and ensure Google recognizes their location as a clear ranking factor for their campaigns.

  2. Learn to Master the Local SEO Basics

    Without a strong foundation to local SEO campaigns, even high quality content is unlikely to have an impact on audiences and campaign returns. And so, it’s important to build a quality Google My Business profile first and foremost for local SEO success. Make sure that the company is listed on the correct pages and in the most relevant business categories. A company can also encourage past customers to leave positive feedback to enhance local SEO rankings.

  3. Track Local Progress

    One of the leading mistakes companies in make in implementing local SEO campaigns is tracking all SEO elements together. By refining their results and only tracking data relevant to their local SEO strategies, companies can determine what works and what doesn’t when appealing to a local audience. Try to monitor clicks and ranking data for a specific location and use that data to make decisions on the local campaign. For companies with multiple locations, tracking each location individually can be the key to the brand’s success in all areas.

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