Pay Per Click copy is an important element in your online marketing campaigns. It can be a driving factor in whether a person clicks on the ad. But new customization options are clouding the topic and require PPC campaign builders to understand the 2017 marketplace and their options for managing campaign performance. Learning the techniques for using copy effectively can help you appeal to your target audience and ensure a higher click through rate from your PPC campaigns. Let’s examine a few strategies for PPC success.

Master Headline Writing

The vast majority of your online customers are going to be drawn to the headline within your PPC copy. The headline is the element that you must ensure is built effectively in order to maximize clicks and achieve a full return for your PPC campaign investment. It’s important to include your call to action and keyword within the headline. In addition, try to give the headline a sense of urgency to elicit a response from the reader. You can then use the description below the headline to add relevant information.

Capitalizing on “IF” Functions

Now, with Remarketing Lists for Search Ads, Google PPC campaigns enable you to target different audiences throughout your campaigns. IF functions are a new feature in 2017 PPC campaigns and they enable you to provide custom messaging to a specific audience group when certain conditions are met. Using these functions, you are now able, for example, to target cart abandoners with a limited time discount offer. This exclusive offer for those who have stopped just short of purchasing can help maximize the returns from your PPC campaign and give you a great way to escalate with a qualified audience.

Mobile-Specific Campaigns Can Provide Significant Data

One of the most valuable tools now available through PPC campaign is the ability to target specific segments of your mobile audience. Google has recently brought back mobile specific campaigns, which now allow you to create ad copy targeted towards users of a specific mobile device. You can also target users within a specific region to hone in on your qualified prospects while avoiding unresponsive audiences. Used alongside IF functions, mobile specific campaigns targeting local audiences with region-specific keywords can ensure long-term PPC returns.

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