We’ve long known the value that high-quality content brings to SEO campaigns, but until recently many growing companies have neglected to create a blog for their brand. This is usually due to the time commitment that is required to create and post content. Now, however, the latest data is proving that hosting a blog can offer companies a lasting return on investment for the resources invested in the blogging process. Let’s look at the many benefits of blogging within SEO campaigns.

Blogging Allows the Brand to Expand its Keyword Focus

When creating traditional content for the company, an organization might only use keywords relevant to their brand and niche. But this limits the focus of their campaigns and reduces the potential audience for their brand. Blogging presents the opportunity to expand the company’s keyword focus. By using the Google Keyword Planner tool for keyword mapping and harmonizing research with paid search campaigns, companies can locate keywords with a high relevancy not just to their brand, but to their potential audience online. Bridging this gap in the keyword strategy can link companies with highly qualified leads.

Content can Educate While Driving Leads Through the Sales Funnel

When building blog content, companies must consider what a customer might be thinking of before they make a purchase. For example, if the company sells bike locks, a potential customer might conduct a Google search for “bike locks for mountain bikes”. Creating a blog post that answers the questions of mountain bike owners can help present the site visitor with more information both on the brand and on the products available.

Even before the customer is considering a purchase, a brand can still offer helpful content on their blog to engage visitors, drive interest in the brand and create a recurring content audience. We know that 60% of consumers prefer to buy new products from familiar brands. And so, companies have a clear opportunity in using content to familiarize themselves with target buyers.

Begin the process by building a buyer persona that helps visualize the consumer’s lifestyle and their day-to-day activities. This will help brands learn the age bracket for their target consumer, their income bracket, and the activities that make up their day. From there, brands can build their content strategy to focus on the activities of their target buyer. This will help keep the company fresh in the minds of their target buyers with quality, targeted content appearing regularly in their search engine results.

A flexible approach to keyword use can help empower growing companies in building their target audience and driving lasting returns from their content. It’s now the ideal time to begin redesigning your company blog with fresh content and new ideas to engage buyers. Learn more now by contacting our online marketing experts!