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The Top Trends in SEO for 2018

The evolving world of SEO requires those of us in the industry to take stock and review the current trends for the year. If you’re about to start on new campaigns in the coming months, make use of the data on the latest trends to enhance your results. We’ll get you get started in our latest post as we look [...]

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A Guide to the PPC Tactics That Drive Results in 2018

PPC is an industry that is continually evolving to adapt to new trends in the industry. And so if you’re running PPC campaigns in 2018, it’s important you maintain a close understanding on the techniques and strategies that will drive ROI in the coming year. In this latest post, we’ll provide our insight with several PPC tactics set to enhance [...]

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Expert Digital Marketing Tips for 2018

Digital marketing strategies must be closely reviewed to ensure they remain on track in terms of meeting company objectives. But with the digital marketing field continually evolving, it’s important to take stock and review your current options. In this latest post, we’ll explore our expert digital marketing tips for 2018 campaigns. Audit and Update SEO Regularly A common mistake companies [...]

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The Analytics Tools That Can Enhance Website Returns

The value of operating a website is greatly enhanced by learning more about your users. What are users looking for from your site and how can you improve upon the site to enhance the returns you achieve? These questions can be answered by using the latest analytics tools. To help you understand more about analytics tools and the value they [...]

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The Most Important Ranking Factors for Local SEO Success in 2018

By discovering more about ranking factors, you can begin to enhance your local SEO results. The competition for places in local marketplaces is growing and so SEO campaign managers must make sense of the newest data and capitalize on ranking factors for their 2018 campaigns. In this latest post, we’ll explain the more important ranking factors for the coming months. [...]

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Google Adding Business Photos to Street View

Google plans to take panoramic photos which will initially appear on the business Google Places page as single shots and over time may be stitched together into a panoramic view.

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The Benefits of Video Search Results

If you were to search Google on the topic “How to bake cookies” what result would you click on first?

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Google Offers Begin Testing in NYC, Bay Area & Portland

Google Offers – Google’s response to Groupon – has begun testing its BETA service in New York City, Bay City Areas (Oakland/East Bay, San Francisco) and Portland, Oregon. Where Google Offers holds its advantage is in the large number of users and advertisers flocking to Google daily…

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Find the Place You Are looking for…In an Instant!

Google has enabled the Instant function to Google Places. Most people, like myself, go to Google and type in what we’re looking for .. and in under a second we have a page full of results to choose from. In most instances, anytime I search for a place or a store or a restaurant, the top of my Results Page is usually taken up with Google Places listings….

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Comparing the 2011 Best Picture Oscar Nominees to Online Marketing

And the Oscar goes to…

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