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Delivery delight! Making Sure the Postcard Tradition will never fade

There is something to be said about the anticipation of getting that thick 4×6 piece of cardstock with a slanted stamp from a someone who doesn’t live within driving distance from you. Postcards are timeless treasures that continue to make our hearts dance each time we get one.

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Google is going into the restaurant biz with Zagat!

Zagat Co-founders Nina and Ted Zagat wrote about the news on their site today stating how ecstatic they were about the deal with Google.

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Out with the old and in with the NEW: Why you need an Online Resume

The traditional text resume is still employed by most but to really sink your teeth into the competition; you need to embark on creating a strong online presence that reflects why employers must choose you for the job. Here are some of the new ways in which your standard resume may become obsolete.

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It’s all in the Details: Using SEMrush for Efficient Internet Marketing

Whether you’re starting up a new site and doing research for a new website you want to get information that will put you on the path to effective site optimization. SEM Rush uses the first 20 Google search results on over 40 million keywords.

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Breaking News Via Twitter—Good or Bad?

How do you get your news? News organizations are now implementing a strong use of social media sites to aid them in being the first to globally publish the latest news stories.

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Did you remember the milk? Managing your online To Do Lists

Getting reminders using multiple platforms that you are already engaging in makes RTM an efficient addition instead of an overwhelming mission to get your life, family and work organized.

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The Need for Speed and How GTmetrix gets you there!

Everybody deserves a fast web experience and GTmetrix provides you with a free tool to dig into the details of your site to examine its overall effectiveness.

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Stop Googling and start Doodling: The wonderful world of Google Doodle’s

From a quirky idea to give this worldly branded logo a little kick to over 1000 new designs

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August Update for SEO and Social Media News

The latest and greatest web stories focusing on social media and marketing.

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Google to “Supercharge” Android by acquiring Motorola Mobility for $12.5 Billion

Google explores the goal of acquiring Motorola Mobility to provide better user experience

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