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Google Adwords: Advanced Location Targeting Options/Settings

Recently Google Adwords made a change to its location targeting Settings. Now, apart from selecting specific Continents, Countries, Cities and Custom regions to display the ad, an advertiser can choose to advertise based on location-specific terms/keywords in their search queries.

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SEO On Page Ranking Factors: Part 2

Find out other important SEO on page ranking factors in part two…including Meta Tag Optimization, Header Tag Optimization, and Optimizing the ALT Attribute of images…

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SEO On Page Ranking Factors: Part 1

A basic tutorial on what a business owner who possesses a website must do to get your website ranking for a specific keyword as well as common misconceptions of attaining Google Search Engine Rankings.

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How to Copy/Duplicate/Migrate Your Adwords campaign from one Email Account to Another

Shift an entire Adwords PPC campaign from one email account to another email account….

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