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Targeted Email Marketing Services for Entrepreneurs
Person creating targeted email marketing campaign

Despite what some critics may say, targeted email marketing is still an effective way to reach out to potential customers. However, for marketing email to be useful, you need to target the right readership and client. If you send out emails to people who don’t find your products or services useful, you will most likely be labeled spam. Plus, it [...]

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The Importance of Blogging for SEO Campaigns

We’ve long known the value that high-quality content brings to SEO campaigns, but until recently many growing companies have neglected to create a blog for their brand. This is usually due to the time commitment that is required to create and post content. Now, however, the latest data is proving that hosting a blog can offer companies a lasting return [...]

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Our 3 Tips for Writing PPC Text In 2017

Pay Per Click copy is an important element in your online marketing campaigns. It can be a driving factor in whether a person clicks on the ad. But new customization options are clouding the topic and require PPC campaign builders to understand the 2017 marketplace and their options for managing campaign performance. Learning the techniques for using copy effectively can [...]

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The Importance of the “Near Me” Element in SEO Campaigns

Location is becoming one of the most important factors to consider when building SEO campaigns. With the advent of mobile SEO and the growing use of smartphones to complete search queries, companies are now better able to connect with their local audiences. Changes within Google’s ranking factors highlight the evolution of this SEO trend. In this latest post, we’ll look [...]

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3 Tips for Responding to the Latest Local SEO Trends

In recent years, Google has experienced a significant increase in “near me” searches. Their nearby search numbers almost doubled between 2014 and 2015 and 80% of those searches came from mobile devices. The use of hyperlocal search terms has grown significantly in the intervening years, and now it’s essential that companies adapt their SEO strategies in response to the latest trends. In this post, we’ll highlight three tips for enacting effective local SEO campaigns.

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4 Types of Businesses That Can Benefit from Local SEO

Local SEO continues to offer significant benefits to growing companies across the marketplace. It enables businesses to connect with qualified leads in their region and keeps local firms in the focus of buyers searching for immediate answers to their search queries. However, there are several industries in which local SEO strategies have not been utilized to their full potential, and within this latest post our online marketing experts highlight four types of business that can reap long-term benefits from local SEO.

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A Quick Guide to Using Google AdWords for Manufacturers

Google AdWords continues to be one of the leading tools for achieving a swift return from online marketing investments. It empowers the channeling of marketing resources toward targeted audiences with specific keywords and promotions. For manufacturers, Google AdWords presents a clear opportunity to reach a highly sought-after segment of their audience. And so to help guide manufacturing companies within this process, we’re presenting a quick introduction to Google AdWords in this latest post.

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Three Facebook Advertising Updates for 2017 You Need to Know About
Facebook Advertising Updates

With 2017 here, find out some important advertising updates and facts regarding Facebook.

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Penguin’s (4.0) Influence on Linking & SEO
Google Penguin

With the new Penguin 4.0 algorithm from Google, it’s pretty obvious that Google is looking to punish spam by devaluating links – as opposed to demoting them- as they did before. This new and much welcomed addition to Penguin put past fears of link demotion and anxiety to rest for many site owners, SEOs and other industry people.

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Google Penguin Update: What You Need to Know
Internet search on a tablet

Although it’s been almost two years now, Google has finally released its new Penguin update, marking the fourth time that the algorithm has been modified. In addition, it’s the first time that the core search algorithm processes Penguin as a real-time signal. So what does this mean for your website’s SEO?

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