Blog Marketing with SEO 5 Consulting

Since 2004 blogs have become an increasingly mainstream tool for outreach and sharing of opinions. According to the most reputable sources, there are tens of millions of blogs circulating the World Wide Web today. In fact, blogging is a profitable and fascinating diversion-turned-profit-maker that has swept not just the country, but the globe.

For most organizations, blogs can be a lucrative means of engaging customers, providing news and building a positive image. However, all blogs are not created equal. The subpar blogs lacking proper upkeep or technique are doomed to collecting virtual “dust.”

Don’t allow a fate like that to happen to your corporate blog.

At SEO 5 Consulting our team will help you build the most powerful blog possible from the ground up. We will design your site, pick a host (if you don’t already have one in mind), maintain the technicalities of your blog and market your blog across the Internet. If you need unique content that is written specifically for your industry, our knowledgeable blog writers will create keyword-rich copy to ensure the greatest benefits for you company.

From day one, your blog will offer a professional representation of your business and will sound as if a member of your company is writing each post. Your blog will also contain the functions necessary to encourage consistently bigger readership and effectively brand your products or services.

SEO 5 Consulting’s professional team of blogging experts will incorporate links into your blog to dramatically expand your reach by attracting web “crawlers.” Additionally, we will regularly examine your blog’s statistical information using our analytics package. From there, we’ll turn the raw data into understandable reports on authentic user visits. Gathering information on “bot”/spider visits, daily, weekly and monthly page views, individual page/post views, links from external sites and the most frequently used keyword phrases and terms, along with other pertinent information helps us establish what measures to take to ensure the greatest results for your website.

Even if your blog is already up-and-running, SEO 5 Consulting can help you make the most of it. We’ll ensure that you’re using SEO tactics to attract visitors, applying meta-tags for maximum exposure and submitting to popular social bookmarking sites such as Digg, and StumbleUpon. We’ll also embed specific codes into your blog’s design that act like a “magnet” to visitors and spiders.

Rev up the possibilities of your company’s reach by turning your blog into a money-maker or brand-builder and sit back and watch your sales soar.


Allow SEO 5 Consulting to put together a customized Internet Marketing proposal for your company. Please contact SEO 5 Consulting today!