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Have you ever wondered if your company’s website is working hard enough?

SEO 5 Consulting provides a free website analysis to help you determine the best ways to increase your reach and boost your revenue streams.

Our free website analysis includes an in-depth look at your company’s:

  • on-page SEO
  • off-page SEO
  • blogosphere power
  • social media sphere
  • qualified visitor-to-lead conversion
  • competitive Intelligence

On-page SEO

Our on-page SEO service evaluates whether or not your keywords are located in the correct places on your web pages.

By thoroughly looking over your website’s metadata, heading summary, image summary, interior page analysis and readability level(s), we’ll be able to provide you with a comprehensive, customized on-page SEO report.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO examines all the ways you’re promoting your company’s website outside the design of the website itself.

Our professionals will analyze how many inbound links you’re getting, how many industry-relevant directories you’re registered with and how many of your web pages are making their way into search engine indexes.

We’ll also:

  • explore your domain information
  • review your Google page rank
  • find your Google indexed pages
  • determine your last Google crawl date
  • measure your traffic rank
  • define your inbound links
  • determine your rank in the DMOZ and Yahoo! directories and much more…

Blogosphere Power

If you currently run a corporate blog on your website, we’ll examine that blog to ensure that you’re leveraging the shift from outbound to inbound marketing as well as interacting with your customers in innovative ways. We’ll also take a look at your blog ranking using the latest blogging metrics.

If your company does not currently operate a blog, we’ll help you learn how blogging can assist you in meeting your customers more directly than simply sending out brochures or initiating an e-mail campaign. Without a doubt, blogs change your website into an interactive experience.

Social Media Sphere

Does your company have an extensive web presence outside of your own website?

SEO 5 Consulting will determine your social media sphere influence so you can understand the best ways to increase the chances that prospects can find your company online.

Qualified Visitor-to-Lead Conversion

Are you efficiently converting your qualified visitors to leads? If not, you’re missing out on hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars in sales each week.

We will explain the best ways to maximize your conversion effectiveness, thereby turning visitors into prospects, leads and eventually customers. Our analysis will look in-depth at your RSS feeds as well as provide a report of your conversion form.

Competitive Intelligence

Is your organization’s website keyword-rich? We’ll help you find out by using our proven keyword grader to establish your site’s keyword score summary. You’ll receive an estimated monthly search volume for your industry’s top keywords.

If you wish to connect with one of our Internet Marketing experts, contact SEO 5 Consulting today!