Bing Search Now Influences Klout Score

Klout has integrated with Bing and the amount of times that a person’s name is searched will now be a factor in how influential that person is on Klout. Klout is a ranking system based on numbers 1-100 that determines how influential you or a member of your social network is.

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How to Prepare for Google’s Summer Algorithm Plans

There have been announcements made recently on a number of Google’s algorithm adjustments including updates to: Panda, Penguin 2.0, SERP clustering, hacked sites, and Author Authority. Prepare for Google’s Expected Algorithm updates this Summer with these tips.

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Twitter Now Offers Free Analytics to Help Optimize Site Engagement

The micro-blogging community recently made available several free analytics tools that will help business users track the amount activity on their Twitter account. These new analytics have been divided by Twitter into two distinct categories: Timeline Activity and Followers.

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How to Measure Your Site’s Pinterest Performance Using Pinterest Web Analytics

Measuring the success of campaigns on Pinterest has been difficult without access to precise engagement data. Thanks to the addition of Pinterest Web Analytics, proactive marketers now have a great array of metrics at their disposal.

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Understanding the Implementation Strategies & the Benefits of Google Authorship

The results of implementing Google Authorship on site content includes: higher click-through rates, increased reputation as an authority figure and increased web traffic.

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Google’s Matt Cutts Announces New Updates to Search Algorithm
Matt Cutts Updates

In the video, Google Engineer (and Head of Web Spam) Matt Cutts discusses what Webmasters can expect in terms of Google’s search algorithm updates for the remainder of 2013. Algo updates, hacked sites, and advertorials are some of the items Cutt’s mentions in the video.

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Optimizing Your Google Local Listing for Search

Small businesses must expand their knowledge of the latest search methodologies if they are to maintain a popular online presence in the long-term.

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How to Achieve Greater Results with Organic Searches
Google 2012 SERP Changes

While professionals with little experience in the area of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) may wish to spend some time learning about the field and improving their site based on their search, there is little expense involved in optimizing sites for great organic search returns.

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The Key Metrics behind Successful Social Media ROI Analysis

Even though the majority of today’s businesses are active within the social arena, many are still trying to find methods to measure their social strategy’s ROI.

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How Businesses Can Benefit from Power Searching with Google

One of the most prominent data repositories available to professionals is the Google search engine. This is a tool that, when utilized effectively, can help to resolve a range of business challenges.

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