Google+ Is a Year Old – What’s worked? What hasn’t?

Google+, the search engine giant’s own social platform has just turned one. Google considers Google+ complimentary to all of their web-based products, not a standalone service. The social networking community or “social layer,” as Google has coined the product was launched June 28, 2011.

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Google AdWords Sports New Fresh Look and Design

This past year has yielded a number of new changes to Google’s web-based products and services such as the homepage change from last June, dynamic display, video and mobile ads and measurement tool makeovers.The latest update includes a fresh look for Google AdWords.

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Google Updates Hot Searches

Google updated its Hot Searches feature (formally Hot Trends) on June 12th with more images, placing group related rising search terms together and allows searchers to see more information about those searches.

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Mobile SEO: Google Lists Recommendations for Building Smartphone-Optimized Websites

Having a Smartphone-optimized website is becoming more of a necessity. The average iPhone user only spends 45% of his on-device time making voice calls and that speaks volumes to the fact that Smartphones being used as a PC is becoming commonplace and offers potential for another sales-stream.

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Google’s Penguin Update – How to Avoid a Drop in Ranks

The Google Penguin update is the latest algorithm change. It is focused on targeting websites that Google suspects are violating quality guidelines. This primarily includes sites with inbound links pointed to their website from disreputable sources.

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Why Video Outsourcing may be your Businesses Best Strategy
Video Outsourcing

The purpose of crowdsourcing is to get work traditionally done by one person, to be completed from a crowd of people. The immediate benefits of lower cost, out of the box thinking and sourcing a wide range of talent from a group of people will produce fast, unique and creative results.

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Why you should give a “Hoot” about organizing and managing your social media
Hootsuite Banner

Customizing reports, scheduling messages, and assigning other team members tasks are what makes Hootsuite the perfect business solution for target marketing and social media development.

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The Best Executive Assistant you can have: Siri for the iPhone

Set reminders, send a text and even ask what the weather will be like in a different city, Siri has all your answers. Don’t leave social media out as you can update your status or send out a tweet without tapping feverishly on your phone.

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Getting your Facebook Timeline: What’s the hold up?

Since the public announcement of the new Facebook profile view Timeline was initially introduced at the 2011 F8 conference, Facebook users are consumed with anticipation of when the actual date of full integration of the new feature will be available.

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TOP NEWSMAKERS in September for Online Marketing & Social Media

Mark Zuckerberg held an annual conference for developers to discuss the new what is going on at Facebook Headquarters, Google+ emerged as the world’s third largest social networking site receiving 15 million U.S. visitors, Google purchased Zagat, and more…

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