3 Keys to Using Keywords in 2015

Effective use of keywords in SEO has become one of the most persistent and evolving challenges for marketers in recent years. We know that every search begins with a keyword. But it’s the process of crafting content in response to that search query that is now becoming most important to search marketing success.

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Three Tips for Ensuring Mobile Audience Engagement

Google has just announced that they will be boosting the rankings of sites that have been optimized for mobile audiences. This should come as no surprise to many in the SEO marketplace, as Google has spent the past few months continually refining their algorithms to provide a better mobile user experience.

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Expert Content Personalization Rules for Converting Local Visitors

The latest data shows that 78% of web users prefer personalized content within advertisements. They find personalized ads more engaging, more educational and more memorable. This shows today’s customers expect a marketing experience that has been tailored to meet their buying requirements. We’ll highlight three personalization rules for using customer data to convert local visitors.

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Avoid These 3 Common Issues When Updating Your Company Website

For those companies that haven’t updated their site for a few years or more, a new update promises to bring in new visitors and improve the company’s standing within the online search rankings. We’ll outline three of the most common mistakes companies make when updating their websites.

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Google Sends Out Warnings to Site Owners with Non-Mobile Optimized Pages

Google has backed-up this data with warnings to owners of sites that are not optimized for mobile. The warnings detailed how many pages of the site have critical mobile usability issues and highlighted how those pages would be ranked lower because of the lack of mobile functionality.

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The Upcoming Trends in Content Marketing

We know that 93% of online research begins with search engines. This means that content marketing is becoming the most important mechanism for brands to promote their business online. Now that we’ve established the importance of content marketing to the modern online business, it’s time to look at the latest trends.

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How to Maintain an Engaged and Interactive Blog Readership

Increasing the average time-on-site can take work, but it’s well worth the effort in terms of SEO value and online branding. And so within this blog, we’ll highlight several techniques for maintaining an engaged and interactive blog readership.

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What do Your Rankings Say about Your Site?

Rankings reports can provide comprehensive information on your website and its performance. They can also help you craft responsive keyword campaigns that drive the success of your online business. And so within this blog, we’ll look at how to analyze your rankings and determine what your rankings say about your current site.

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3 Ways to Improve Your Small Business in 2015

There are numerous opportunities for small businesses in the year ahead. The key is finding these opportunities and understanding how to capitalize upon them while allocating all available resources effectively. In this blog, we’ll provide three ways small business owners can improve their organization in 2015.

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Latest Search Metrics Data Shows Evolution of Ranking Factors

While the search market is constantly evolving alongside the algorithms Google uses to determine ranking criteria, there is now a raft of data proving which techniques have been effective in the last year. Let’s look at some of the latest information from a comprehensive Search Metrics study and outline what it means for your sites.

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