At SEO 5 Consulting, we are constantly searching for the most modern approaches to online marketing. With the development of social media outlets around the web, it became apparent how powerful of a role social media can play in raising brand awareness and increasing traffic. This has led SEO 5 Consulting to focus on the use of social media tactics, techniques, networks and tools for corporate marketing plans.

The ability to communicate through dialogue with customers is what differentiates between social media and traditional advertising. With millions of users logging in online and sharing information or communicating their opinions, we have been given an opportunity to build an understanding between our clients and consumers.

As one of the most respected and fastest growing global internet marketing companies, we understand the fine details that are needed for a successful social media campaign. Our experts can develop and implement strategies for your company bringing with them experience gained from assisting many other companies in social media.

Our goal at SEO 5 Consulting is to help you figure out how to build and utilize applications that are most likely to give your business the greatest ROI. We are consistently staying one step ahead of the curve in regards to the latest trends and technology to ensure that the applications chosen for your social media plan is the most useful in marketing your business.

The marketing professionals will gladly point you in the right direction. Informing you on what would be most useful to your business, which social network your company fits into, what your customers are using, and even what tools your customers are searching for. It is then that SEO 5 Consulting can build the perfect solution for your marketing needs.

Every business is different. At SEO 5 Consulting we work to establish which technologies suit your business and then implement the proper social media from a variety of options.

• Blogs
• Online Surveys
• Online Videos
• Social Networks
• Widgets
• Wikis

SEO 5 Consulting focuses on the importance of online videos and social networking due to these outlets becoming the most successful vehicles for implementing marketing plans.

Online Videos

YouTube has become a powerful voice for many businesses, consumers, and even entertainers. Whether you have or have not watched videos through video sharing communities such as YouTube, Metacafe or Vimeo, it is more than likely that your customers have. As the second most searched search engine behind Google, Youtube has become a very valuable platform to use when marketing your business. Videos provide quick and easy access to information that requires less clicking through pages that can help reduce bounce rates and most importantly, Google indexes videos from individual websites and YouTube within a separate search function. At SEO 5 Consulting, we have studied the strategy behind successful online videos and our experts are eager to put their knowledge to use when helping your company attract the attention you want.

Social Networks

Social networks have taken over the internet. MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are online communities of thousands of individuals who share similar interests and activities. These social networks provide a place where people can meet up and connect online with their friends, network with professionals or share tips and advice. At SEO 5 Consulting, we are extremely familiar with these networks and can guide you to the ones that will be the most powerful and active in the success of your company. Using the proper social networks to market your business can bring more awareness to your brand. SEO 5 Consulting will develop and implement every aspect of your social network strategy from creating pages to keeping your blogs up to date and monitoring the visitors.

Facebook is the largest social network today increasingly becoming somewhat of a “second homepage” for many businesses online and continues to growing. Now is the perfect opportunity for SEO 5 Consulting to assist you in joining other successful companies with Facebook pages to help your business grow stronger, raise brand recognition, and of course get the ROI you deserve.


Your company has an identity and SEO 5 Consulting will ensure that your organization will be highly regarded. This is why we believe in the extreme importance of monitoring and responding to conversations that are already happening around the web.

Social Media & Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization and social media have mended together into a strong force that helps generate brand awareness from social marketing campaigns and creates successive backlinks that flow in. At SEO 5 Consulting, we believe that a great campaign does not revolve around one feature, in order to optimize your campaign to have the greatest results both brand awareness and backlinks are on the forefront. An entire package that is perfectly constructed is the key to success! SEO 5 Consulting can help drive traffic, awareness, and increase search performance to your next project.

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Reputation Monitoring

SEO 5 Consulting provides companies with concurrent blog monitoring services. We keep track of who is speaking about your business across thousands of blogs. This way, the next time ex-staff decide to defile your products and post their process in a video on the web (this really happened), you will know before your brand is jeopardized.

Your customers are participating in thousands of conversations over the web through social networks like Facebook, Twitter and niche communities like LinkedIn. SEO 5 Consulting will assist you in monitoring what others have to say about your business to ensure that your brand is constantly portrayed in a positive light online. SEO 5 Consulting understands the work that goes into keeping track of news sites and websites. We will monitor the web for you providing you with the free time you need to focus on your pivotal role in the success of your business.

Social Media Profile Creation and Management
SEO 5 Consulting can assist your company in creating a great website to get your purpose and message across the World Wide Web. However, have you thought about what customers find when they search for your company on any of the hundreds of social media sites like Facebook, or Twitter? With the amount of social media outlets growing, it is imperative that you get involved.

SEO 5 Consulting will help you navigate the numerous sites and works to create and manage your profiles on the sites to further connect you with your target community.

At SEO 5 Consulting our social media connoisseurs will build and implement social media strategies for your company with a determined drive to help your business get the ROI you deserve.

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