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Facebook gets a Facelift—A preview of the most recent changes to your Facebook Account

Every once in a while I log into my Facebook account and notice things have been moved around. Continued improvements tailoring your profile, friend’s list and newsfeed are the major areas where we see these changes occur.

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Delivery delight! Making Sure the Postcard Tradition will never fade

There is something to be said about the anticipation of getting that thick 4×6 piece of cardstock with a slanted stamp from a someone who doesn’t live within driving distance from you. Postcards are timeless treasures that continue to make our hearts dance each time we get one.

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August Update for SEO and Social Media News

The latest and greatest web stories focusing on social media and marketing.

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Determining EdgeRank and the future of FBML Pages

ting content that engages people will increase your affinity and propel your edge rank. Knowing the EdgeRank Algorithm, gives you immediate insight into how to drive traffic to your fan page and get your posts to the top. Investigating the effectiveness of your posts is just one way to establish you marketing presence on Facebook. Using Facebook’s own mark-up language (FBML) to modify your fan pages is another powerful tool to communicate to others why they should “Like” your page.

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