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TOP NEWSMAKERS in September for Online Marketing & Social Media

Mark Zuckerberg held an annual conference for developers to discuss the new what is going on at Facebook Headquarters, Google+ emerged as the world’s third largest social networking site receiving 15 million U.S. visitors, Google purchased Zagat, and more…

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Cheers to another year! Happy Birthday Google

The official domain was registered on September 15th but celebrates its birthday on September 27th. Embarking on its teenage years, Google is faced with as much awkwardness as a regular teen entering middle school.

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Facebook gets a Facelift—A preview of the most recent changes to your Facebook Account

Every once in a while I log into my Facebook account and notice things have been moved around. Continued improvements tailoring your profile, friend’s list and newsfeed are the major areas where we see these changes occur.

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Google is going into the restaurant biz with Zagat!

Zagat Co-founders Nina and Ted Zagat wrote about the news on their site today stating how ecstatic they were about the deal with Google.

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Stop Googling and start Doodling: The wonderful world of Google Doodle’s

From a quirky idea to give this worldly branded logo a little kick to over 1000 new designs

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August Update for SEO and Social Media News

The latest and greatest web stories focusing on social media and marketing.

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Google to “Supercharge” Android by acquiring Motorola Mobility for $12.5 Billion

Google explores the goal of acquiring Motorola Mobility to provide better user experience

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TOP NEWS in July for SEO and the Social Media World

Top News from all over the Social Media World.

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Is Google+ a One-Stop Shop?

By adding this feature to their already extensive tools like Google Reader, Doc, and Calendar, Google is presenting a way to do it all in one place.

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