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Google’s Penguin Update – How to Avoid a Drop in Ranks

The Google Penguin update is the latest algorithm change. It is focused on targeting websites that Google suspects are violating quality guidelines. This primarily includes sites with inbound links pointed to their website from disreputable sources.

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It’s all in the Details: Using SEMrush for Efficient Internet Marketing

Whether you’re starting up a new site and doing research for a new website you want to get information that will put you on the path to effective site optimization. SEM Rush uses the first 20 Google search results on over 40 million keywords.

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TOP NEWS in July for SEO and the Social Media World

Top News from all over the Social Media World.

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Client Communication Builds Strong Relationships

Anyone who works with clients knows that constant communication is the first and the most important step towards a strong client-manager relationship.

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The Benefits of Video Search Results

If you were to search Google on the topic “How to bake cookies” what result would you click on first?

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Best Keyword Research Tools Reviewed

Every SEO/SEM professional has his or her own ideas, strategy & methods for choosing the right keywords; I am going to review the top 20 keyword research tools in this post. Keyword research or keyword selection becomes very complicated if you don’t use a good keyword research tool…

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SEO On Page Ranking Factors: Part 1

A basic tutorial on what a business owner who possesses a website must do to get your website ranking for a specific keyword as well as common misconceptions of attaining Google Search Engine Rankings.

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