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Why you should give a “Hoot” about organizing and managing your social media
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Customizing reports, scheduling messages, and assigning other team members tasks are what makes Hootsuite the perfect business solution for target marketing and social media development.

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Out with the old and in with the NEW: Why you need an Online Resume

The traditional text resume is still employed by most but to really sink your teeth into the competition; you need to embark on creating a strong online presence that reflects why employers must choose you for the job. Here are some of the new ways in which your standard resume may become obsolete.

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Can you Spotify the difference? A World of Music Awaits.

Introducing a new way to listen to music. Search it, share it and play it. All with Spotify. Get the “Behind the Music” appreciation for all musicians by using the Biographies feature to gain insight on artists’ unique musical styles, influences, and recording history

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