Web Analytics Marketing for SEO Consulting and Free Website Analysis

At the dawn of the Internet marketing era, companies were relegated to guessing at the effectiveness of their online advertising campaigns. Thanks to the use of web analytics there is now a comprehensive way to determine exactly which advertisements and website pages are the strongest.

SEO 5 Consulting’s complete web analytics package is designed to reduce sales and marketing “waste”. We will show you specifically which advertisements are worth your investment as well as which ones need to be replaced.

By systematically engaging in an in-depth analysis of your online marketing tools, we will help you get more out of your investment.

Web Analytics services include:

• Tracking, measurement and reporting of your company’s web-based initiatives.
• Suggestions to maximize the ROI of your Internet marketing campaigns.
• Evaluation of your website’s traffic patterns, including the make-up of your visitors as well as your conversion dynamics.
• Defining the metrics related to your company’s website and Internet marketing.
• Evaluation of your website trends – know what time and day prospects are most likely to be visiting your site
• Basic search engine optimization (SEO) analysis included as part of your web analytics package.
(*For more in-depth SEO, invest in our SEO copyrighting packages.)
• Recommendations for and testing of improvement strategies to boost your SEO rankings and visitor-to-customer conversion rates.
• Suggestions for improving your “typical customer lifecycle” process.

Invest in SEO 5 Consulting’s web analytics package now and see why leading corporations would not be where they are today without it.

To learn more about our Web Analytics services or to connect with one of our Internet Marketing experts, contact SEO 5 Consulting today!